Since 1998, GTS Specialists have been providing expert support on technology and operational applications to mid-market and large corporate clients.

GTS was always committed to an exceptional level of excellence in the development of complex information technology solutions at several leading clients. High levels of customer confidence enabled GTS to expand to other areas including customer care, customer engineering, call center staffing and ultimately evolve as a one stop shop for diverse technology and human resource requirements - both technical and non-technical.

GTS developed proven methodology and U.S.-based, low-cost development approach that enabled it to service clients in a fraction of the time and expense of traditional IT consulting and integration companies. This, supported by expertise at Global recruitment enabled GTS provide clients with “hard to find skills” at a reasonable cost.

GTS systematically developed its AIR model of customer service. By systematically Anticipating, Identifying and Responding to customer needs, GTS distinguished itself as a rapid respond, total quality partner for clients trying to gain the competitive edge.

Today, GTS has operations in several states and a large multi-cultural workforce. GTS has cemented its relationships with Fortune 500 clients and is adept at serving them as well as mid sized companies.